Fun Blind Date….

Today I went on a blind date to meet one lovely knitter! Oh yes….I met the lovely Jacqui. It was kinda like a blind date but so much fun. We’ve never met each other before or do we know what we look like. I was a little early so headed off to the magazine deptartment to browse through some knitting magazines. There was lady standing next to me. I had a little inkling that she was my blind date but rather than make a complete fool of myself, I opted not to tap her on the arm and ask. So headed off to our meeting point.

As soon as I saw Jacqui approaching I started laughing! It was such a weird yet amusing experience. It is so fun to meet the real person behind the blogs that you read everyday.

We headed off for some lunch, chatting away about knitting, PY …(she has a fetish for her lovely yarns and so do I) people from our knitting forum etc.

Jacqui is so lovely, charming fun and more than I imagined her to be. She is such an inspiration. She inspired me to knit FCS……you all know about this and now the Hemlock. We both bought along our Hemlocks and they met for the first time. Oh the beauty of her Hemlock is undescribable. It IS STUNNING. For the first time, I was totally blown away by the beauty and colour of this. It is actually a dark purple and the scallop edging was slighty darker but yet this complimented the Hemlock beautifully. Makes mine look rather plain. ( need to improve on your photography 🙂 )Anyway it really did take my breathe away and I was speechless and that takes a lot of doing.

hemlock00511.jpg (hope you don’t mind me pinching your photos!)

Next she bought out MORE lace knits. All equally as stunning, if not more. Miss Lambert (next on my list, look what you have done lol) Queen of the Waves, Forest Canopy Shawl, Lace Leaf Shawl, a lace shawl she was designing and she was wearing a Clapotis knitted from Lorna Lace Black Purl.



I call her the Lace Queen as Jacqui loves lace and she has a warehouse…yes warehouse full of lace yarns. She also snapped up the lace yarn I had my eye on last week at the PY sale….so Jacqui, if you notice they have suddenly gone walkabouts…you know where to find them haha.

I thoroughy enjoyed myself this afternoon and we are sure to meet up more often. Thank you Jacqui for my cute little sheep keyring and for such enjoyable company. Hope you love your yarn purchases from the store and I will be stalking your blog for more inspiration……. Mmmmwwahh 🙂

Oh and one last thing…….my yarn for my Eco Hemlock came from Debs today..woo hoo. I’ve also finished my Malabrigo Hemlock……woo woo hoo. Both finished and ready to block…boo hoo hoo, HELP!


4 responses to “Fun Blind Date….

  • Amanda

    Lucky duck! Sounds like a fab day.

  • Jen Da Purse Ho

    oooh blind date! i thought for a second..omg…she yai yai noi! 😉 hahahaha. jk.
    We should do that if we are ever on each other’s continents! 🙂 hahaha. have a blind date! if i ever go to England… 🙂

    i can’t wait to see your hemlocks. your friend’s knits are so pretty. pretty lace….

  • Paula

    What a perfect afternoon! And such pretty knits…glad you two had fun!

  • jammam

    Are you blocking? Are you blocking? That Malabrigo Hemlock is just gorgeous and so soft – ahhh! And the scarf to use up the left overs is lovely too – definately see one of those in my future :o) Plus another Hemlock and i didn’t think I would be saying that.

    It was great to meet you and we must do it again. (The lace is lovely everyone, really special) I promise not to buy the purple next time *rolls eyes* VBG

    Anyone else going to Harrogate in November for the Knitting & Stitching show? Let’s make is another blind date!

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