A Naughty Skein….

This little skein was extremely naughty in the dye pot at the weekend so sadly, it didn’t make it to the store.


 I did manage to salvage what I could from the tangled mess and managed to get two smallish skeins from it. I didn’t have the patience to untangle it after a heavy session of re-skeining, always a killer 😦

I wasn’t happy with it and it didn’t pass my test standards so what could should I use it for?

Brainstorming session on overdrive…….Light-bulb momentLight Bulb why of course, let’s see how my dyed yarns knit up?

Maybe it will knit up stripey? Great!

Maybe it will knit up polka dots? Cool!

Or maybe it would knit up with stars?……wishful thinking!!

A nervous moment……hold your breathe now!


I’m pleasantly surprised!! Way Too Happy


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