Love Love Love Fellow-knitters…

Don’t you just love fellow-knitters? You are all just awesome I tell you…AWESOME! Not only do you all share my frustration and my tantrums with my Hemlock, which incidentally I have begun to call IT….THAT THING, but some kind knitter has come to my rescue. Am I lucky or what? THAT THING will be finished, no need to tink back a row or frog the 3hour BO. I am dancing with joy, I tell you, I’m ecstatic!

That kind kind person I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart is Debs from Florida (blogless, I’m working on her to get blogging!) What are the chances of an exact match, same colour and same batch number. She answered my pleas which I posted on the KAL a few days back. I was seriously thinking of going back one row just so I can finish it off but hey!!! IT will be finished. Clap your hands….sing for me, boogie with me, yay!!

My Hemlock… I now call it has been removed from its naughty corner and made a brief appearance 🙂


OK, maybe not the best photograph as it looks more like some weird alien from outer-space or as some people have said, some creature from the sea, but its big, oh very big. In fact, I am frightened of blocking it 😦


….and just look, need I say more? Thank you so very much Debs, you’ve made me smile again. My bottom lip had been curling over for a few days now and was about to stay that way but now curls up with happiness 🙂 Also, thanks to all who have tried to help.

Are you ready for a wee shop update? Soon my lovelies….soon.


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