Darlings….I’m Home…

Been back a few days now, have you missed me? I sure have missed you lot. I received all your emails but couldn’t reply to any, something about the server. Just getting back to the swing of things, mountains of washing, cleaning and mail to go through. I had to cut the trip short but tell you why later.

Anyway, had a great time, feel relaxed and refreshed and it sure does you good to just get away from it all. I did a lot of knitting whilst I was away, as you know I took Hemlock with me and managed to finish one skein way ahead of time. I did one repeat on the train, only to find I had made a mistake and had to tink all the way back, was very very annoyed. Two and half hours knitting and I was back to where I started. I aslo felt a little bit nausea too…guess knitting on the move is just not me…urgh.

Much to my disappointment, I could not find a yarn store anywhere. I was so much looking forward to squeezing some yarn and hoping to come back with something, but nothing. Are yarn stores extinct or something? Even the local department store didn’t have a haberdashery department. I did find a couple but they were quite far out of the city centre and as Mr Snobs was busy, I couldn’t drag my mother in law with me to hunt them down. It’s such a shame no one shares the same interest and they didn’t find my knitting fasinating, Oh well.

As I mentioned earlier, we had to cut the trip a few days short. A couple of appointments to view some new apartments were cancelled as I received a call from my hysterical mother to say my father had a car accident. Luckily he was just shaken but the car was damaged. He said he was fine and not injured in any way which was a great relief. The following morning he called to say he had made an appointment at the doctors for a check up, so fearing the worse we made our way back home as quickly as possible. We made a mad dash back to my parents home to find my father sitting happily with his feet up, smiling and watching TV!!!!! He was totally fine!! Uuh??

So much of the weekend was playing catch up with reading blogs and knitting. But today I am feeling somewhat frustrated, angry and feel like throwing my Hemlock against the wall. At the moment, I have sent it back to its knitting bag and into the corner of the room until I can bring myself to look at it, IT has been bad. I don’t want to look at it for a few days cos I have been binding off and I am 56sts from finishing to realise I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH YARN…..you see why I am shouting, you see why I don’t want to look at it or take any pics? The binding off bit is a real bummer as it took almost 3 hours do do it……AAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Actually bummer is too nice a word for it!

So…..if anyone can spare a bit of Cascade Eco yarn in shade 8049………Helooooooo, over here please. Hope you all had a better weekend than me….umph!Off for a sulk 😦


9 responses to “Darlings….I’m Home…

  • Jen da Purse Ho

    Oh my dear….just tink it back like i said before 😀

    I’m glad your daddy is ok. Don’t you hate it when parents freak you out like that?

    I’m glad you had a good vacation. 😀 YAY! too bad you have to come back to real life huh?

  • Amanda

    Oh, I’m sorry about not having enogh yarn! I had the same thing happen to me in Feb while making a top for my mother. Luckily I had a pal visiting Key West, FL where I bought the yarn, and she procured another ball in the same dye lot. Whew! So, I have hope for you that you’ll find that skein you need.

    Try posting on Ravelry. Is there a “group” in your area that you could post a plea on?

  • Soo

    Oh nooooooooooooo. How freakin’ annoying.

    Fingers crossed that someone somewhere has another skein they can send you…..

  • Sarah

    so glad you are back and had a great time and that your Dad is doing well. What a bummer about running out of yarn – don’t you hate that?!?!?

  • tuttlium

    Sounds like a relaxing trip, but that’s HORRIBLE about your yarn! Wish I could help you out. Good luck… I suppose you could always rip back a row, but I would hate that too.

  • Flutterby

    Oh no – that was soooo nearly me when finishing the shawl and I remember the intense relief that came with having 11 yards left. And only 56 stitches left to go….

    Just a thought what sort of bind of are you using? There are several out there and some of them use a lot less yarn than others?


  • Amanda

    I’m sorry about Hemlock, After throwing it into the corner I would have probably started to sob. But I know you’ll work it out one way or another!

    I’m glad your back safe and sound and that your trip was relaxing.

  • Naomi

    NOOOOOO! I’m like the opposite – always buying WAY too much because I don’t want to experience the nightmare you just did with Hemlock!!! I’m so sorry! If I had some it would be yours(because I would have bought way too much, just in case!).

    I’m also glad to hear your dad is ok. OMG. Scary. Better to be scared or annoyed that he is happy, healthy and enjoying himself than the other option.

    Welcome home!

  • nicx

    So sorry you’ve run out of yarn but dont be in too much of a hurry to tink it back, I’m sure there is someone who will be able to help – good luck with it and I’m sure it wont be long before we see a gorgeous finished hemlock 😉

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