Malabrigo Love, Cascade Eco Arrived, Hemlock, Here I Come….

Hands up those of you who have cast on the Hemlock Blanket? Me Me Me!!

There’s been a slight whiff of sourness/vinegar aroma in the room the last few days as I dig out my Malabrigo Orchid, which had been hibernating in my stash for many months now. I’m not sure whether to call it an aroma or a pong but its strong, oh so strong! Its not off putting as its a delight to knit with but I’d rather have something sweet smelling rather than the room smelling of pickles, you know what I mean 🙂

I decided to cast on at 7am yesterday morning after a sleepless night. I think the whiff of Malabrigo was calling me. I knitted all day yesterday amd managed to finish one skein and I’m so delighted with it.

I did wonder if the pattern would be lost in the shade but somehow I think it works fine. A more variegated shade would be a NO NO, the pattern would be fighting with the colours. I love how the stitches knit up, so defined and unique and the softness……I can’t describe. Oh how I love this yarn!!

I go round and round…..

…and round again, you getting dizzy?

Then this morning my postie delivered my Cascade Eco wool.

I had trouble finding a retailer who would ship to the UK. One retailer was requesting almost $60 for shipping one skein. I embarrassingly asked for the help of my knitting friend Plucky who so kindly offered to help. How could I ask someone as busy as Plucky? I couldn’t. I hate asking people for help with something, so the search went on. Then Jen another kind knitter offered to go to her LYS to check out the prices and shipping. She blames me for walking out the store with some Cascade Eco……am I a wicked girl or not?? Hee hee. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and help 🙂

Hemlock knitters on the KAL suggested Webs and that’s where the 4 skeins departed from and at a discount price too. I didn’t get stung on any custom charges much to my relief but these bad bad customs people should be locked up for charging knitters these fees…POO to them!

I had a serious mental block of sock knitting the other day. I just couldn’t remember how to do the heel section of a sock. I frogged and knitted and frogged and knitted. I totally forgot to turn the heel and started picking up stitches only to realise, it doesn’t look right. I tried again only to find the heel was off centre ..aaarrggghh!!!! FINALLY after throwing to one side and forgetting about it in the hope it would knit itself (as if) I tackled it once again and hey!!! Look…

You would think I would know how to heel turn by now after knitting several pairs of socks…..I’m embarrassed. Sshhhh….keep this quiet please!! Oh the joys of knitting.

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments for Sebbie, I’m sure he would have been happy to hear them all.

Off to do some serious winding……yeah man!


19 responses to “Malabrigo Love, Cascade Eco Arrived, Hemlock, Here I Come….

  • Adrienne

    Oh, your blanket is looking WONDEFUL!!!

  • Paula

    That Malabrigo color is stunning with the pattern! I love it! You will get a cheery burst when looking at it during those drab winter months, it’s yummy!

  • tuttlium

    Lovely! I’m still resisting though. This blanket seems like the perfect wintry night knitting. I may start it at Christmas.

  • Wannabe

    That Malabrigo is delish. Isn’t WEBS the best ever? They are soooo amazing. Maybe I’ll order some Eco with my next order…what are you making with it again? Another Hemlock?

  • Flutterby

    Ooooh – malabrigo. Hmmmmm – I am going to have to cast on for my green fluffy jumper very very soon, but first I am going to finish my lace scarf!

  • Sarah

    Yummmm. Malabrigo – Love!!

    You know you can always ask me and I am thrilled to help!!!

    : )

  • belaybunny

    wow, how wonderful is your hemlock!! 😀 I adore that colourway, what a shame GK don’t have any!!

  • Kay Weare

    That’s a fabulous purple colour, and Malabrigo is incredible yarn.

    That blanket does look beautiful–I actually have (and have knit) the doily pattern, and I keep eyeing up the blanket thinking it’d be such a nice thing to throw over my lap in the winter…

  • octopusknits

    Ooo, that’s gorgeous! You’re going to have hemlocks coming out of your ears!

  • Jen da Purse Ho

    i envy you and your malabrigio! hahaha jk. it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! i can’t wait until you send it to me! how did you know purple is my favorite color? 🙂 *snicker*

  • Laura

    Oh it is looking sooo pretty. Iam taking mom to the yarn store Friday to see if I can figure out what colour she would like her’s in. I really must get the tush in

  • goldenpetals68

    I love Malabrigo!That Hemlock is looking gorgeous!I need to start one but there are so many other things I need to finish first!

  • Hazel

    Your hemlock looks wonderfull, really suits the malabrigo. I love the sock, it looks great despite the small error. Is that your own yarn your using? Looks simular to that love hearts i bought off you. What pattern is it also? Looks great, would love to make myself a pair!!

  • tinkytoes

    I can only crochet a scarf. In fact, I’m doing one right now. Figured I’d get started on the scarf now before winter comes in.

  • Amanda

    I had written a big comment last night, but WordPress was not letting me post my comment. SORRY! 😦

    I love how your project came out, and Malabrigo is fab.

  • Naomi

    Yum is all I can say.

    Malabrigo, scrumptious! Hemlock, gorgeous! You – inspiring!

    Oh…you can ALWAYS ask me to send yarn your way. It is the least I could do for you!! Really, really, really.

    A lovely knitter in Denmark sent yarn to me. I’d be happy to Pay it Forward!

    Still keeping my eye out for some cashmere!!!

  • Moggle

    Hemlock is looking fantastic! What a great colour. I can’t believe how much better it looks when blocked. Getting tempted to do one myself!

  • Amanda

    I absolutely love how your Hemlock is turning out! My favorite color too! What yummy yarn! 🙂

  • Lindsey

    Yummy looking malabrigo hemlock! What a pretty colour. You’ve become hemlock-obsessed, haven’t you? 🙂 I will have to try this pattern….I only have about 10 million other things to finish, but I am keeping this in mind. Have to think about the yarn I want to use….I may be doing a KnitPicks order soon, so perhaps I’ll get something from them!

    Hope you have fun in the Midlands, and get lots of knitting done….enjoy!

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