Well What Do Ya’ Know….Hemlock Ring Blanket

……I’m so surprised at myself! I never thought I could follow such a complicated pattern. I took one look at it and fell in love. Nothing excited me so much as this. I don’t know what it is about this stunning design but it just blew me away!!  The beautiful star pattern in the centre which fans out into one beautiful blanket. I joined the Hemlockringkal, which is just fab I have to say. There are so many helpful knitters in this group and will answer all your queries if you ever get stuck. There’s even a updated pattern kindly written out to make it more readable!!

The original pattern is a vintage doily pattern and Jared adapted and designed it by adding chart repeats using a feather and fan pattern (such a clever man.) It is SSSOOOOOOOOO beautiful. I used the Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast On but others have used different methods.


I cast on last night using a couple of odd balls of yarn, that I know I will not need for anything. I don’t normally do a test knit but I just needed to reassure myself that I could do it……and I can!!! Hurray!!! Whoooppppeee!!! It feels great when you know you can do it!

Watching it grow and grow as I knit round and round just fasinates me. I’m sure to be really warm this winter 🙂 snuggled up by the fire with this lap blanket and my knitting……such joy! Now I just need to find Cascade Eco Wool which is what I want to use.

Come on….join me with this gorgeous knit! You can’t resist this…you know you can’t.

Oh…and thank you so much for your comments about my Hanami Stole.


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