Hear Me Roar, Hamani Stole & Retail Therapy….

No more sitting on the toilet seat (which I broke with my big bum) no more imprints on my bum and no more trying to get a signal!! Yay! I’m back on the internet at a whopping 108mbps rather than 54mbps……zzzoooooommmm!!!! I was up and running in no less than 20 minutes!! The first one I installed for a friend took 6 hours, second one took one hour. Getting faster but still don’t know what I’m doing or what the technical terms mean. Anyway……rooooooaaaarrrrrrr!!!!! whizzzzzz!!

OK…..don’t want to bore you to death with all that techy stuff so lets see what I’ve got to show you.

Well, I whipped out Mr S credit card, thought it was the most sensible thing to do 🙂 and did a little bit of retail therapy, thought I’d treat myself to a few things.


Sock Blockers. It was about time I bought some of these. When I first started knitting socks, I didn’t see the point in having these. I used to just let the socks just mould onto my feet after knitting and besides, the socks are on your feet and won’t be seen. But since I have decided that I am going to start my Christmas knitting and everyone is going to get socks this year, whether they like it or not and tough titties if they don’t, I thought they would look better if blocked. What do you do? Do you bother to block your socks? Oh……these socks have been hibernating for months!!! So it’s socks socks socks for everyone and I have loads of patterns that I want to start.

Then I decided I NEEDED some roving


On the left is Merino roving and the right is pencil roving, bought from The Yarn Yard

Check out her sock yarns…..gorgeous!

Many of you have been asking how my Hanami stole is coming along. I still Luuurrve it and it’s coming along nicely.


I’m finding my first knitting experience of chart reading very easy with just a few glances just to remind me what the symbols mean. I’m wanting to finish the stole for mid November for a christening which I am really looking forward to as the father of the baby has some Scottish ancestors and that means Scottish = Kilts = Mr S. Oh yes…I am hoping he will have to wear a kilt for the ceremony which means I can get some photos of him and the father wearing kilts! Men in kilts? A turn on or turn off??? lol. Let there be wind which will whoosh up the kilts and reveal……eemmmm well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Have a great day my bloggy buddies!


15 responses to “Hear Me Roar, Hamani Stole & Retail Therapy….

  • daisie

    hooray! welcome back to civilised blogging away from the loo! but where am I commenting from???? 😉 (actually the sofa, it is ok)

    what lovely socks! what is the yarn?

    I am very much looking forward to seeing that roving spun, particularly the pencil roving – I have some myself, also from YY.


  • maguidhir

    I’m on my third pair of socks, and I haven’t blocked one yet. But I want to – mostly because the pictures of the socks look a lot better on a blocker than they do stretched out on my hand or lying wrinkled and helpless on a table 🙂
    Where did you get your blocker?

    Kilts on men = turn on!

  • Paula

    Yay, you’re back! And with such speed! Do slow down enough for us to read you before you whiz by…hahaha!

    Love, love, love the Hamani! It’s gorgeous! Kilts? Oh, yes…love them. Think Mel Gibson in Braveheart, oooh. Plus, I’m hopelessly Celtic from my mother’s side and love all things connected with it.

    I don’t block my socks either…although that may be more to do with the fact that I’m only on my second pair!! If I do give some as gifts, sock blockers will be needed.

  • tuttlium

    I’m coveting your sock blockers — I’ve been wanting a pair myself. Kilts! I think that it takes a real man to wear a kilt. 🙂 And your Hanami is looking so fab.

  • CJ

    yay – glad you’re sorted!! Lovely socks 😀 And the stole is looking fantastic. I must hurry up and start one soon!! I just love the colours.

  • Octopus Knits

    Ooo, good stuff! The sock looks great on the blocker, the roving is yummy, and your Hanami is beautiful!

  • Liz aka Hobbledehoy

    Wow, the Hanami blows my socks off!!!

    Pencil roving is so much fun too 🙂 What lovely colors!

  • sarah

    Yes, I think I too need sock blockers…..

    So glad you are back, and super speedy no less.

    Men in kilts. Um. Yes. Genereally speaking of course. And your Hanami is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • jammam

    Glad your bm is no longer numb! nothing worse than a numb bum :o) Shopping looks good. I’ve had sock blockers in and out of the GK basket so often they’re dizzy but now they have my size in again I may well give it a go this time,y our Hanami is loking gorgeous btw :o)

  • Moggle

    Your Hanami is looking fantastic.
    I want sock blockers even though I’ve never knit socks 🙂 They just look cool.
    Hurrah for high-speed connection!

  • knitandrun

    Everything looks beautiful…haven’t yet knit socks, but I definitely see them in my not-too-distant future. =o)

    Kilts on men = turn on! (I went to a baseball game last night and there was a man in front of me with a kilt…he was definitely “on my team” as my friends and I say)

  • Amanda

    Wowee! The Hanami looks great!

  • Soo

    The Hanami is looking great. It’s such a lovely pattern – and I love seeing it in different colours/weights.

    I bought sock blockers so I could block gift socks. It makes them look a little more finished. But I wouldn’t say they were essential – as you pointed out, the socks ‘block’ on your feet.

  • Lindsey

    Wow, I’ve been gone from blogland for a little bit and have missed lots of news in your world. Congrats on the new drop spindle–glad you’re getting the hang of it. The roving you bought looks lovely, can’t wait to see it spun up! 🙂

    I have a wire hanger sock blocker. Yup, just one right now, although I came home from the cleaners with several more hangers this week, so I’ll probably make a matching one to have a pair! I do think it makes a big difference in how the socks look for photos or gifts. No biggie if they’re going straight to your own feet, but definitely a nicer appearance if that matters. The hangers aren’t perfect, but they work…maybe someday I’ll splash out on “real” ones! 🙂

  • casa

    sock blockers!
    everyday I learn something!!! ; )
    See you tomorrow I go to bed!

    Bye bye

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