La la la….My Router Is Coming!!!

Yup…just got confirmation it’s been despatched today so should get it tomorrow BUT I don’t have time to set it up 😦 I have to meet a friend who is going through a bad time, to comfort her and listen to her.

But it does mean no more sitting on the toilet seat, my arse was starting to get a huge oval imprint ..eeek!! Then I thought, why the hell didn’t I put the seat down and get a cushion….doh or what? Pictures are taking forever to upload, the slightest movement then I lose connection so I gave up in the end. NIGHTMARE! I can’t be without my internet, my knitting buddies, my blogs….NNoooooo!!!

I shall be up at the crack of dawn, waiting patiently, running to the door before Steve (my postman) can ring the doorbell. He know’s I’m a bit mad when I am expecting parcels and comments on how wild my morning hair is!!! Cheeky bugger lol.

Pictures soon my lovelies!!


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