Major Rant ~ Need My Wireless Router NOW

GGGrrrrr….I need this really badly. I’ve ordered a router and will need my techy head on when it arrives but its taken ages to be delivered 😦 I don’t even know if I can set it up straight away either, double GGGrrrr!

You won’t believe what I have to do to get onto the internet. I have asked my neighbour if I can borrow his signal for a few days just until I receive my router. I can just about get a weak signal from……guess where?? Sitting on the toilet on the third floor of my house with my laptop up against the wall!!!! Of all places! Its not ideal or pleasant and nor do I wish to send emails and read my blogs whilst sitting on the toilet. Don’t worry, I’m not doing any of my daily business whilst doing this but it’s so annoying. How much longer must I wait! Humph!

I gave my wireless router to my tenants and she asked if we could put in a wireless router in for her, only to find out that she won’t have her laptop until two weeks time WHAT?? Come again? Maybe I shouldn’t be so generous next time.

I hope I can get this router (when I receive it) up and running very soon or I’m going to be sitting on the toilet for hours, not a happy thought or sight 😦

Rant over !


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