How NOT To Drop Spin…..

This is the way NOT to drop spindle…..spin near your cats bed, as you will drop the spindle and frighten the life out of her. She will then shoot out of bed like a shot, taking your roving with her which is attached to the spindle. Thinking she is being chased by something freaky she’ll run like hell around the house!! You will have a hard time catching her and attempts to unravell the roving caught between her nails on her paws are undescribable…..Poo!

She will then look at you with frustration in her eyes and a frown, (which is so funny and yes they do frown!!) “what the flaming heck you do that for, you stupid woman?” look on her face as she glares at you with her eyes.

Oh my poor baby (my cat, that is) was rather confused and dazed poor thing. She now looks at my spindle with hate and fear 😦 and I don’t blame her. Almost another major disaster.

Well, after detatching my roving from her and spindle, did you think I was going to spin with Holly attached??? Eeekkk,  I did manage to spin.


I think I overspun in certain places but I am getting the hang of it and much prefer the top whorl method to the bottom. Mr S said…I see you’re getting the hang of it, I told you that’s the way to do it… ass!!


I set the twist and blocked a small section of the yarn and this is what it looks like. Novelty yarn maybe? If you’ve never spun before, you should give it a whirl, what are you waiting for? It’s fun, but don’t spin near your pets though!!

Now Plying?…..where do I start?


17 responses to “How NOT To Drop Spin…..

  • tuttlium

    Hahaha, poor kitty. I suppose this could be a good way to make her respect and fear your yarn, though. Hopefully she will forgive you… someday.

  • Octopus Knits

    Oh, my! That sounds exactly like something that would happen in my house! Your yarn is lovely! Way to go!

  • Sarah

    It’s adorable! What lovely yarn… I think you are on to something here.

    : )

  • Flutterby

    Lol – I can just picture the very put out but trying to be cool and detatched look on the cat’s face!

    The yarn looks lovely though. The only reason I am not (will not ever unless I am very tempted which is always possible) going to get a spindle is that I would never know what to do with the yarn afterwards. Apart from stroke it of course……

  • Paula

    HaHaHaHa!…I’m sorry to laugh (I really am a cat person!)…but that is just too funny. Too bad you didn’t have your video camera on and ready! Nice job on the spinning!

  • cybil

    Poor cat – but your spun yarn looks impressive – problem i always had was not knowing what to do with the yarn, but its so easy to get lovely dyed roving now its easier to feel inspired, i’m tempted to get my wheel fixed and give it another go – just such a shame i’ve got to work and look aftr the family!!

  • CJ

    LOL – your poor cat. The yarn looks lovely though, great colour 😀

  • daisie

    hooray! well spun! 🙂

  • Amanda

    Don’t know if I’m ready for spinning yet. I love the colors you used.

  • LaVerna

    Poor Kitty…but you got some gorgeous yarn going there!

  • Lauréole

    thank you for visiting my blog…I know I should get it translated…should think about it. You have one of the blogs I like to visit regularly. Never left a comment until today ;-)…and your yarns…

  • Debbie

    I have a spindle and some roving, just need to pluck up the courage. Your yarn looks very good.

  • Naomi

    Yes! You did it and it looks great! I knew you could do it!!!

    Remember what it was like when you first started knitting??? Awkward and somewhat difficult. Now it seems natural.

    It is just practice and it looks like you are well on your way to creating lovely yarn!

  • Jenny

    Thanks for the blog comment. Blogger doesn’t show e mail addys so I’ll respond here. You’re right about the ball winder, I’ve done all the yarn, maybe I’ll do the kitchen twine to play some more! Good luck with the spinning! -Jenny

  • Bearium

    Lol, that did make me laugh (sorry kitty) – if I’d been spinning near my cats, they’d have taken a swipe at it thinking I was supplying them with a new toy!
    Your yarn is looking really good though 🙂

  • Soo

    Your yarn looks fantastic.

    Whenever I read posts about spinning I need to distance myself as I’m soooooo tempted…..but no. One obsession at a time. (although – really, once your world is overtaken by one obsession does it matter if you add another?)

  • Amanda

    Some day when I have time for more hobbies I will definitely want to take up spinning. Looks like it would be a relaxing thing to do. My condolences to the kitty! 😉

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