Ooooh!! You Handsome Thing….

I’m talking about my new toy that I’m so excited about, not my Hubby, although he’s handsome too )

I decided to have another attempt at spinning, might be another disaster but I REALLY REALLY want to learn to spin my own yarn. I am determined this time and there’s no stopping me. Are you ready for a major tantrum and a rage? I’m not going to give up so easy this time. I will be brave and hope that it will be better than this major disaster. I will spin and spin until I can spin no more. So stand back and hold your breath!

Inspired by Gnomiejo, who said she spun for the first time (She kidding ?? ) have you seen her first attempt?  I purchased a Top & Bottom Whorl Spindle and it’s so damn pretty (ahem, not sure which is the top or bottom tho.) Even if spinning isn’t for me, my spindle is just beautiful just look at. I’ll just place it amongst my stash of yarns and pretend I can spin. I’ve been twirling it everyday since I got it without the roving though (cheat) Hee. 



Made with Plywood, Pitch, Pine and Yew as a special request order, I had this made with a weight of approximately 75gms. I haven’t a clue where to start so fingers, toes and eyes crossed, take a deep breath for me please, I SHALL SPIN! Woot Woot!! Yeah Baby!

……..Oh you can breathe now )


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