I’m Back & With A Nomination…..

I’m back! I’ve missed you lot so much and I have so much catching up to do. I spent most of this evening replying my emails and visiting all my regular blogs. You guys have been up to so much since I’ve been away, but it’s great to be back, Oh yes…it sure feels good 🙂

I’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks with my sister but sadly it has to end as she has returned back to Hong Kong today, back to her hectic lifestyle as a graphic designer. We’ve had so much fun, visiting places where we grew up, the school we attended, the back yard where we played silly games. Memories of our childhood are such a laugh. I miss her already 😦

Everything is slowing returning back to normal now, house needs cleaning (that’s Mr S department) me, back to my knitting and dyeing which I have missed so much. I only managed to do two rows of knitting.

Now I’m not so sure I deserve this as there are many fantastic blogs out there but Belaybunny nominated ME as a


Who ME??? Yup…me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. Thanks CJ for nominating me. So, I have to nominate some “rockers” who I think “rock?” Errrr this is a difficult one as so many of you “Rock”, but if you are reading my blog…..consider yourself nominated, you “Rockin’ Babe!!”

Just so this isn’t a pictureless post again, I was a tourist for a few days and took some pics of my hometown.

tyne-3.jpgMillennium Bridge and The Sage

tyne-2.jpgThe Quayside and The Tyne Bridge in the distance

tyne-4.jpgDurham City, where I was born

tyne-5.jpgDurham Cathederal


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