Eight Long Months Of…..

…….solid hard work and we have finally FINISHED!!!….WWWaaahhhh!!!! Two days before our deadline. Can you hear me scream? Can you feel the earth move?

It’s been almost eight long exhausting months of dirt, sweat, dust, cuts, bruises and broken nails, two months without heating during the coldest of the winter months, one month for the planning permission to be approved to replace the window to french doors and some heavy lifting and back breaking positions. Oh and not forgetting the gruesome tiling/grouting and my prune like wrinkle finger tips from cleaning and being constantly in water, to getting such a fright when we were fixing the light switches, when our mobile phone started to ring and we both got such a fright, that Mr S banged his head on the wall unit and I screamed and thought I got an electric shock and knocked some pliers which dropped onto my foot…..ouch!!

FINALLY….we can stand back, admire and contemplate on our first experience of home renovation.

kitchen-1a.jpgNight view with the under cabinet lights

Now you can see why I hate tiling and grouting? Although each tile measured 50mm each, they came on a sheet with 25 tiles which made it much easier but the grouting was a killer!!! The tiles had to be the right shade of blue, not too dark, not too pale and it was one heck of a chore to try and find the right shade…..they say blue tiles are rare and not very popular?? I had to find the right extractor fan that had some glass to match the wall units. You can call me picky but when it comes to things like this, I am really picky and it has to be perfect. don’t know whether thats a good or bad thing.

kitchen-2a.jpgDaytime view

…and what about the curtains you all picked for me? Well, they are so so peeerrrffect.

curtain-1a.jpgI had to pin them up to clean the floor so they seem a little on the short side 🙂

I am so so exhausted from this project, so tired and I am aching, I am really aching, my poor fingernails, my poor foot and my bruises, I need a long long holiday 🙂 I really pushed myself to the limit, but I think it was worth it, you think so?

Anyone care to join me for tea or coffee? Don’t forget your knitting! I so wish you could all come, what fun!! I can dream tonight…..a happy dream 🙂


18 responses to “Eight Long Months Of…..

  • Amadna

    Absolutely incredible. You did an awesome job. If I could fly over right now to have that coffee, I would!

    You should feel proud. I would email those pics to the manufacturers of the cabinets, tile, and appliances to show them how beautiful it all looks. Really.

  • sarah

    E!!!!! It’s gorgeous. Pat yourself on the back. You and M did an out of this world job. Really, just lovely!! Now go rest.

    : )

  • Elinor

    *big sigh*

    That must feel so great! You guys did a fantastic job! It looks so professional! I love the modern look!

    Now what’s next??

  • Laura

    Wow, its done. I love the finished results, you really have an eye for colour 🙂

    No wonder I haven’t seen you around for awhile.

    Talk Soon


  • Wannabe

    OMG! It’s is BEAUTIFUL! Like a magazine!!! YEAHHHHHHH! What a labor of love honey! It turned out smashing!

  • Jen da Purse Ho

    This is SO BEAUTIFUL!! that kitchen! OMG!!! I WANT TO COOK IN IT! I’m very very jealous! 🙂 Congrats on all your hard work!

  • daisie

    I am speechless! and that doesnt happen very often!

    I love the blue tiles, particularly in the night pic, the under cabinet lighting is so great! and the french windows will be so lovely, bringing in the summer breeze.

    how brave and clever you are! 🙂

    if I ever venture that far North I will be sure to let you know, I’d love a coffee and some knitting time in that kitchen with you!

  • jammam

    It is gorgeous! Cn I come and live in your kitchen? I would be a good house guest and make you coffee every time you came in.

  • ZhiWen

    Oh wow!! It’s stunning 😀 Yes, I can see now, that’s a lot of tiles you had to clean.. but the end result is so worth it!! That colour of blue is a great match with the brown kitchen. Blue is indeed not a colour I would’ve thought of first for a kitchen, but it really looks great.
    The curtains were a great pick too!

  • Nicole

    Wow!!! You guys have done a fantastic job. Congrats on your first big renovation project! The blue tiles are so striking against the brown cabinets. Just gorgeous.

  • Lindsey

    Wow, that’s fantastic!! I love the colour of the tiles–well done, they’re definitely worth the work. Everything looks great together–you’ve done a fabulous job!! Now be sure to rest up lots–you deserve it. 🙂

  • CJ

    wow, what a great job, it looks fantastic. Make sure you have a good rest and get some knitting done now 😉

  • Octopus Knits

    Wow! It’s wonderful! Great job.

  • Paula

    That is a kitchen you will love and cherish for a long time. Classy and timeless with great lighting. The undercab lights are a great feature–how did we ever do without them? Plus, the french doors and curtains are fab. Well done! Now you deserve a good long rest with a great cup of coffee!

  • Hawkesley

    It looks wonderful and you did all the work yourself!!! You must be sooo proud! 🙂 I love the colour of the cupboards and your blue tiles.

    I’ve finally gotten my kitchen finished but I haven’t taken any photos yet. Must remember to take some soon.

    I think it’s now time for you to have a nice long rest and do lots of knitting and dyeing 😉

  • Soo

    Looks great — relax and enjoy it now!

  • casa

    whaouh! it’s so great!!!
    I like the blue tiles, I like the brown floor, I like your curtains, so ok; I come for tea!!! I take next plane! ; )


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