Oh, I’m So Tired…

I can’t believe its been Monday since I last posted. I’ve been so tired to even think about my blog 😦 So sorry!!

I’m so so tired this week. Its been a manic few days here at Snob’s home. My arms feel so heavy, as if they are trailing on the floor as I walk. My body aches so badly and is crying out for some rest. We’ve been working frantically on the kitchen/diner, trying to get it complete as quickly as we can. It really feels like its never going to get complete. Almost 7 months since we started the work and we had aimed for summer but its looking more like christmas before we can get full use of it.

We have a fantastic builder, never have I met a builder who is honest and generous. He done the all the major things to the room. Most builders are like “cowboys”…rip you off and charge you hundreds for the smallest job but this builder…well, he’s hard to come by. We waited 3 weeks for him to come and do our worktop for us. He worked for 4 hours on Saturday and didn’t charge us a penny!!!! Can you believe that?? A builder not charging for work that he’s done? You heard it here first!!

He done a great job and taught Mr. Snobs how to cut the shape etc. Never have I known a builder do work without charging. We gave him some unused power tools which we bought, a stainless steel splashback and a red packet which contained money…….you have to accept or its considered an insult if you refuse.

Mr S and I have worked almost everyday this week and since we’ve never done a major renovation before, it has been one big hurdle. We’ve learnt alot, disagreed on things, laughed at our mistakes, squabbled over colour schemes, missed the nail and hammered our thumbs instead, cut our fingers and had paint fight….yes, we actually did lol, tiled and grouted, plumbed and sawed and have been covered from head to toe in dust!! Would I do it all again? No.

From this, which was two rooms and wall knocked through


To this:


Kitchen sink and tap.


Wall units with undercabinet lights (cooker needs to be pushed back!) and extractor needs to be purchased.


Mr S. made this matching unit to cover the boiler from two side panels!! It seems we haven’t done much but on the other side of the room, the floor is tiled and walls painted. Just takes longer when you’ve never done it before 🙂 and I have found the perfect matching curtains for the french doors,  in shades of brown, blues and turquoise, just perfect.

There still a few things to do, skirting boards, extractor and wall tiles, but we are finally getting there and I will have my own dye room (old kitchen) very very soon 🙂 Yay!!

Please don’t ask me to do your kitchen…..the answer would be No!! 🙂


11 responses to “Oh, I’m So Tired…

  • Amanda

    WOWEEE! You’ve done a lot of work, and it has definitely paid off. The kitchen looks beautiful. Very clean and fresh looking. I’ve lived through renovation like that so I can definitely relate. Hang in there, it is worth the work.

  • Wannabe

    For 2 people who have never done a renovation before…I AM IMPRESSED. It’s looking beautiful!!! Is that the washer under the kitchen sink?

  • Laura

    Wow, no wonder we aren’t able to chat. Very well done. It is beautiful.

  • sarah

    E!!!! It’s gorgeous, just simply out of this world gorgeous!

    Get some rest…..

  • Kathy

    It looks fantastic!!! So clean and crisp – very modern.

  • CJ

    I’m very impressed, your kitchen looks gorgeous. now go get some rest!!! 😉

  • Octopus Knits

    Wow! Nice work! (the curtain fabric sounds lovely)

  • ZhiWen

    Wow, I love the way it has turned out! No wonder you’re tired 😉 I’m still living in a student flat, so no use doing big renovation here, but maybe in a few years time. Too bad for me that that nice builder’s in the UK 🙂

  • tuttlium

    Whoa! You two have done a fantastic job. The room looks professional and sophisticated. I hope that you can rest, relax, and enjoy your hard work now!

  • Hawkesley

    Your kitchen is looking beautiful!! I now know how hard it is whilst having a new kitchen fitted. Mine’s now all done except that the kitchen fitters need to come back and install a glass spashback behind the hob and fix a couple of doors and two sockets. Do you think I can get them back??!! NO!!!! They are too busy on new jobs. 😦

    My new lino is being fitted tomorrow.. Yay! Then I’ll be able to get the fridge freezer back in there instead of in the lounge where it’s been for the past 7 weeks! Keep up the good work but it sounds like you need to have a little break for some rest and relaxation. 🙂

  • Lindsey

    Lovely kitchen! Really impressive–you’ve done great. I’m lucky enough to live in a new home and not have to have serious work done–although we still have the hassle of odd jobs that need to be finished, and contractors who never show up to do them. The painter put the first coat on our front door about 1 year ago and hasn’t been back to finish it! (yes, I could paint it myself, but he’s been paid by the builder to do it….so I refuse to!) I guess I should call the builder AGAIN to find out what’s up.

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