First Time For Everything….

So I haven’t blogged for a few days now which is so not like me, whats been going on in the Snob home? Well with friends staying over at the weekend and parents going in and out of hospital (they’re fine btw), giving friend a pc lesson, which mashed my brain and doing bit of diy, I managed to start on another stole 🙂

First time knitting with beads, they got everywhere but I really like the effect

First time knitting reading a chart, but my eyes keep wandering onto the next line

First time knitting with two skeins of yarn, they get tangled quite often and I know from experience to knit them both together 😉

……and so far its going ok!! a little slow as I have to readjust my brain each time I read the charts.




You can’t really see the beads from the picture but they are Mill Hill Beads, very good in quality as they are all the same size and shape. The pattern is Hanami which is beautiful. I’ve decided not to knit with lace weight yarn just yet as I just don’t think I am comfortable with it and the pattern is a little too complex for me.


Then I managed to dye some yarn, an order and a gift which is part of a sock swap which was months ago..sorry!!!

I hope they like them.


Superwash Sockweight Yarn. I have two more skeins to dye up for the shop so watch out for it. This sock yarn is for “lazy” people who do not like to handwash their socks lol.


BFL/Alpaca, lovely and soft and dyes differently from merino.

and now……its time for a chocolate moment 🙂 aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!


7 responses to “First Time For Everything….

  • Sarah

    Goodness – the things you do with lace – I am in awe!

    Your yarn is lovely, as always!!!

  • Paula

    Wow! That is going to be striking! I love the colors and the beads–scrumptious!

    Glad your parents are okay…

    Beautiful sock yarn, too!

  • Amanda

    Glad you’re back in action. Sounds like you’ve had some fun, though!

  • Wannabe

    Hmmm, I really like that blue yarn…or should I say blu yarn. 🙂

  • CJ

    hanami is looking wonderful, I love the colours. 😀 Maybe I should do one in 4ply instead of laceweight. Nice dyeing too, I love both colours.

  • Liz aka hobbledehoy

    I am so excited to see what you do with the beads! Beautiful dye jobs as well!

  • Lindsey

    The Hanami looks great to start. What yarn is that? Is it one of your own dyes? The colours are great! I can’t wait to see how it looks in a heavier yarn, too….I bet it will be great!

    I’m sure you’ve heard the post-it note idea for chart reading before? I haven’t actually used it myself, but it makes sense….put the note on the chart right below the line you’re reading, and move it up with each line. It makes it harder to read the wrong line–and I guess if you’re still struggling, you could put a note above and below your line so you only see the line you’re working! Worth a try if it’s giving you trouble…

    Very pretty dyes, there, too.

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