Which Way Do You Prefer?

Hot Out Of The Pot?



Or Reskeined?


Your views please on how you like to receive your yarns……ta very muchy!!

Mr S is making me a HUGE swift to help me reskein yarns. I think he’s getting dizzy watching me dancing around two dining chairs!!!


14 responses to “Which Way Do You Prefer?

  • wannabeincloth

    I like the first one. BEAUTIFUL!

  • emeraldcutie

    I also really like the first one 🙂 Very pretty colour choices.
    Just let Mr.S think it’s aerobic exercise.

  • Amanda

    This is a great question… it’s amazing how different each skein looks. I think that if you want to see how much of each color (white vs. pink), then the first two pics give you a good idea. The third pic would show better how the yarn would look “worked up” I think.

    So, I guess mine is not an answer, but more of an observation. I hope it helps in some way! 😀

  • Octopus Knits

    For some reason I always love the look of the skeins as dyed (top photo). I just want to look at them forever (it takes me a while to get up the gumption to wind skeins like this into a ball for use). I also think the reskeined yarn is lovely (and gives you a better idea of how it will knit up), but I just adore the former.

  • daisie

    I agree with with everyone! 🙂 The first skein is very pretty, and as Amanda says it does show you what the proportion of colours is. However, usually when browsing yarn I tend to be more attracted to reskeined yarn, probably again because it shows you more how it will look knitted. Yours is lovely anyway but often the un-reskeined yarns you can see around look very un-subtle and glaring (to me anyhow) and it is sometimes hard to imagine how they will work out. So if I were looking to sell I would probably go the extra mile and re-skein, especially to begin with while people get used to what I do. However, if you are going to do very subtle colourways which it looks like you are so far then your first skeins look great too. Indecisive aren’t I – hope it helps anyway!

    by the way, I hope you are going to do some more yarns like the lovely blue with confetti in that you did for your sister – yummy! 🙂

  • Donnae

    I like all the pictures but I always really struggle to imagine how skeins are going to knit up so the last one would probably help me more. It amazes me how different the yarn looks when it has been reskeined. Can’t wait for you to get your shop up and running. Good Luck

  • Paula

    Really beautiful!! The reskeined one works better for me because I can’t picture what the yarns will look like wound up. I’m too literal, I guess. It really makes a difference when the colors are blended. The first picture reminds me of cotton candy, and the reskeined looks like a carnation. Both lovely, but very different. Great work!

  • Pinkarwensocks

    I prefer it the first way, but also can’t visualise the way it would look knitted up so the second would probably be safer.
    The colours are beautiful.

  • litlemouse

    I Like them all. The colours are gorgeous. I think number three would give the best idea of what the colours will look like when knitted up.

  • janice

    TBH I liked them both but I think the reskeined one works just a tad better for me, as has been said it is easier visualise what it will look like when knitted up 🙂

  • Octopus Knits

    Thanks for your comments on my Monkey Socks and my cats! What yarn will you be using to make your Monkey Socks (assuming you were serious, of course)?…..uh,oh…. here I am, drooling again, over your un-reskeined yarn photos….so pretty!

  • CJ

    I like them both, cos they give a good overall view of the yarn 😀 How do you reskein them by the way to get them to look like the second photo, cos I’ve still not worked it out??

  • Liz aka hobbledehoy

    that’s a toughie! I have only recently started re-skeining yarns, and I like them reskeined best now (I think…) Very time consuming though!

  • littleberry

    the re-skeined ones gives better idea of your colours overall appearance etc…

    Are you thinking of doing repeatable colours? if so you could show the picture of both skeined & re-skeined so people can see what they look like then just send them as dyed etc… if that makes sense.

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