Love This Laceweight…..

We’ve had some really miserable weather this weekend with heavy downpours. The skies opened and down came the rain. So what better to do than spend the weekend knitting and dyeing!!

I’m still knitting my BSA Rectangle Shawl and its looking really nice and I’ve also started another Forest Canopy Shawl…yeah….oh no!!!! But I swear this will be the last one for a long time……don’t want to knit anymore (plllleeeeeeassee) of these for a while. I’m using the green yarn that I dyed last month. You would think that I can knit without the pattern but my pea sized brain cannot absorb all the information as yet 🙂

Then I dyed one skein of Laceweight at the weekend whilst Mr Snobs had his friends round for drinks. This is my favourite of all the dyeing that I have done. I really love it.



…….but Mr S says I can’t keep dyeing all these yarns and storing them away (I can’t help it.) and taking them out to fondle every so often, wanna bet??? I think I’m gonna have to put a lock on my dyeing room door and keep him out 🙂 or hide my stash or maybe set up an online store. What do you all think?


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