Don’Cha Wish You Could Spin?

I’ve never spun wool before and I had bought a Turkish Spindle a few months back hoping that one day I would be able to spin my own yarn. I thought….yeah…that’s easy peasy, I can do that no bother. Well how wrong I was. Just look…

No matter how many times I tried to master it, standing on the table, spinning sitting down I just couldn’t do it. As the Turkish Spindle creates a centre pull ball, I just couldn’t figure out how it could form a ball. “It’s not working, wheres the ball? Why isn’t it spinning?”

Mr Snobs said…the yarn spins at the top, twists and then you wind it around the base!!! Doh!!!! He’s never spun before, so he says…….only on the dance floor!! Oh!!! I see, I get it now!!! So again I tried, no luck. The spindle has gone to a new home now and hope that person will have better luck than me.

Then this arrived this morning…..

its beautiful. I had forgotton I had ordered it but I have no spindle. So I am on the look for another spindle in hope that I can master it and have come across Spindolyn (US shipping only……uh??) She makes it look ever so easy, such a natural at it and I want to get my grubby hands on one. Anyone tried it?


3 responses to “Don’Cha Wish You Could Spin?

  • Paula

    I haven’t been bitten by the spinning bug…yet… so I’m no help at all. I’m still in the “exclusive knitting” phase of my relationship with yarn. HaHa! Keep trying, you’ll get it!!

  • CJ

    I can’t spin either, although I do have a sad lonely drop spindle on top of my wardrobe!!!

  • Lindsey

    I haven’t used the Spindolyn, although I was also enticed when I came across her site a few weeks ago. I emailed about shipping and she said she hoped to add international shipping again soon….she’s been having a lot of family issues, I think, and is trying to keep the business simple until life sorts itself out.

    As far as the Turkish spindle goes…I just started with mine a few weeks ago, and I thought it was impossible at first. I have since realized that it’s actually easier to spin thinner yarns with it (I think, anyway!), and have had much less trouble spinning since I went thin. It doesn’t seem heavy enough to spin a very thick yarn. I got some great advice from a few people on the Angel Yarns forum that helped me out, too–like predrafting the fibre to about the thickness you want before you start spinning, so you can just keep on feeding it as it spins. I hope you try it again–good luck!

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