It’s My Turn to Wash…..

I think we are the only married couple on the planet that squabble over whose turn it is to do the dish washing. Yeah…we really do believe it or not. We’re a weird couple 🙂 How can anyone want to wash the dishes?? Ay?

“no its my turn, you did it last night”

“yeah but you did the cooking today so it’s my turn”

“ok I know but I’ve already got my marigold gloves (pink ones, sometimes yellow) on and started already, you can dry them up” ( thats me with the marigolds!!)

“no, i want to wash”

“no…its MY TURN”………and the squabbling goes on but in a laughable, joking way. Is this what married life does to you??? ~

As you all know we are busy with a new kitchen and I have chosen a new tap for the sink. You know when you see something you gotta have, no matter what it takes, kinda like that feeling when you see a yarn that you love and gotta have and you get so excited that you almost pee yourself and act like a little girl….yes..that kinda feeling? Well I saw this……..


…..and I HAD TO HAVE IT. Don’t you think its rather erotic? I love it!! Even more squabbling over the washing now 🙂


Then I saw this wall clock and had to have it too, which will go in the dining room. My mom thinks its the hideous clock she has ever seen, you can’t tell the time with that and asks me where the numbers are…didn’t they come with any so you can stick on the wall? No mom……. 

So now to the progress of the kitchen. I have had a few requests to do a post on my DIY so here it is.

I have my new cooker ready for my first baking marathon, cookies, cakes etc. We have chosen stainless steel plinths under and around all the base units and matching door handles (I did them..yes all of them) give me a screw driver, drill and hammer any day!!! 🙂 I also hung each door onto the unit and tweaked each hinge so they shut perfectly.

img_0691.jpg img_0694.jpg

I have chosen a marine blue colour tiles for the walls. thinking a brown and blue colour scheme would go nicely with a white marble worktop. Still got the cellophane on the plinths by the way but as you can see…its coming along slowly. I’m loving the feel of stainless steel at the moment.

My old kitchen will stay the same as I’m using that for my new venture…yarn dyeing, so you can understand why I am wanting to finish the new kitchen quick 🙂

So if you hear any squabbling over the dishes from near and afar… know it’s us!!


6 responses to “It’s My Turn to Wash…..

  • tuttlium

    Ooh, I bet the marine blue tiles will look smashing with the brown cupboards.

  • Wannabe

    Luff that faucet and the kitchen is so kitchy. I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see it all done! Now can you please call my hub and tell him that he needs to fight with me over who does the dishes?

  • Sarah

    e – it’s gorgeous! yes, that faucet is a must have and I can’t wait to see the lovely blue tile! Such a clever gal you are….

  • Paula

    Wow, really coming along. Good taste, woman! Faucets are a love affair, aren’t they? When we remodeled our kitchen 3 years ago, we had picked out a sleek faucet, but it didn’t come in even after 10 months, so we picked a different one. It’s nice, too, but not like the first. I like yours…

  • CJ

    nice kitchen – please come to wales and do mine 😀

  • Hawkesley

    Your kitchen looks lovely. I’m about to have a new kitchen fitted on 25th June. Mind you I have a problem with one of the walls which has just been plastered. Years ago someone thought it would look great to stick cork tiles to the wall! Now the glue from the old tiles is showing through the new plaster!! Nightmare. 😦 I just hope I can get it sorted out before the kitchen fitters turn up. Nice tap by the way, I’m in tap envy. My new one is quite boring really but they are sooo expensive.

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