She’s Not Telling The Truth…

Yes…its another Forest canopy Shawl. You are all probably thinking thats all I knit and maybe tired of seeing the same shawl on this blog!!! This is the third one I have knitted and I have another one to knit, but I have said I want to do another few projects before I start on that one. Crikey…seems all I am knitting these days!!!! 🙂


This one is for my sister, you’ll probably know as I have mentioned it before. The yarn is from my collection of hand painted yarns thats she comissioned me to dye for her. She saw the shawl being blocked last night so I asked her what she thought……well…er……emm……yeah, its really nice, really pretty…………..liar!!!!  B*#@*H.



Oh well… more knitted goodies for her then 🙂 I’m sure it will make a lovely present if she doesn’t want it.


8 responses to “She’s Not Telling The Truth…

  • janice

    I think it’s lovely, and I would be bad for not giving it to your sister. I like appreciation.

  • elanknits

    I love it but lace isn’t for everyone, save it for someone who’ll truely appreciate it, there’s nothing worse than giving someone a handknit they’ll never wear.

  • Wannabe

    Holy fast knitter Batman.

  • Paula

    Elanknits is right! Doesn’t the Harlot say something about gift-receivers who prefer the fun-fur scarves from Walmart over a hand knit shawl? Just saying…

  • daisie

    I think it is Gorgeous! seems a shame if it doesnt “do it” for your sister. Maybe she could have a kind of credit-note for when you knit something that makes her go “oooh” and which you are happy to part with instead. After all, it should be “every shawl a wanted shawl”…..

  • CJ

    I too think it’s gorgeous – blah to your sis!! I’d keep it for someone more appreciative.

  • tuttlium

    Wow — that yarn looks fantastic as a FCS. And you are really cranking out the stoles lately! Nice work.

  • Lindsay

    I am so grumpy today and felt better comiserating with you. I’m making a shawl for my sis and she’s “umm . . .”-ing about it too and driving me crazy.

    Yours is beautiful, and if she doesn’t like it I say wear it yourself, and proudly!

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