I’m feeling really frustrated today. I dyed some yarn last night in some gorgeous summer colours, very pale and delicate. They both turned out beautiful and I was really excited about reskeining them into lovely bundles to take photos for today. I spent most of the evening happily winding one on my swift but I could see one skein was going to be a nightmare. You will see what I am talking about. I was up until the early hours of the morning (3am) trying  no fighting with the mass of a tangled mess. I got a wee little ball wound up tho!!!

img_0680.jpg Its a lovely pale blue with a hint of green, do I save it?

This morning I woke up hoping that it would untangle itself into a lovely skein, that some miracle would happen and it be ready for its photoshoot. Well this is the photoshoot……


now thats a really bad hair day and I am not a happy bunny  😦

This is what I feel like, its tearing my hair out. What do I do? Well…I could use it as a duster for the home, a mop for the floor or Holly can use it as a play toy but there is only one place for this HORRIBLE UGLY MESS……the rubbish bin. I don’t know if I have the patience to save this.

On a happier note, here’s the nicely dyed and reskeined for its debut. You like it? Its has slight hints of pale lilac mixed with the shades of pale blue. I wanted the “confetti” specks to show up. I think I done good.


and to make the day even happier, this arrived in the post from . Its my winning yarn from the FCS competition. Its beautifully spun in the most loveliest of colours. Thank you Susan  🙂


Now I think I desperately need a bit of Chocolate Therapy 🙂



  • jam_mam

    Oh dear! :o(

    No don’t throw it away *shock*

    Post it to me and I’ll untangle it for you – yes, I will, really I will, I mean it!

    Must be something in the air – had 3 skeins to ball up today and the first was a nightmare, took ages to untangle and I very nearly threw it against the wall, but I got there in the end. The other 2? well, they were perfectly behaved and done in under 10 minutes, what’s the deal with that then?

  • Paula

    Oh, no! I hate untangling knotted up stuff, but I seem to be good at it so it’s become my job in the house…but that one? Yikes!

    The other skein is lovely!

  • tuttlium

    What a pain in the butt! At least blue hair suits you. 🙂 Your other skein looks great though.

  • Sarah

    Love the yarn wig – maybe that is how I should wear my hair in the summer… hmmmmm….

    The yarn is GORGEOUS – you have an eye for the pastels – I like it!

    Yes, get the chocolate out!

  • Hawkesley

    I had that happen to me once after dyeing the yarn. I ended up throwing it away… but only because I didn’t like the colour I dyed it and couldn’t be bothered to try to get all the knots untangled. I think you should try to untangle yours as the colour looks great.

    Your other skein looks beautiful and I love the wig photo, it made me laugh 🙂

  • Liz aka hobbledehoy

    knots, ahoy!

    I hate them too. Just yesterday, I untangled a year old knotted skein so I could play with it.

    Beautiful dye-job!!!

  • daisie

    it’s the yarn gods that do this. You need to do a placating ritual. This will involve eating a Lot of Chocolate! 🙂

  • CJ

    hope you’re enjoying your chocolate therapy right now 😉 What a pain, it’s so pretty, don’t throw it away. Mind you, I hate untangling yarn. The other one looks gorgeous skeined up, just think what the tangled one will look like after all your efforts. 😀

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