Ugly But Lovely Are……

Rambutans…..what on earth am I talking about? Well they are a lovely exotic fruit. WHAT??? A FRUIT?? I was laughing so much at some of the comments you all put up….quite an imagination we all have!!!

Yup, they are really really tasty and sweet with a very delicate flavour. They are very common in countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, same way as an apple is common to us.

Some of you guessed correctly as it in the same family as a Lychee, again very yummy. They taste very similar but they don’t have that sharp sour taste towards the end as some Lychees are. The outer shell is softer than the Lychee and you can cut all the way through the fruit, even through the stone. The texture is same as the Lychee.


If you see any in your local supermarket, do try them out. Don’t be put off by the skin!!!

Looks can be deceptive!!! 🙂


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