I Love Peonies……

I think they are so the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I don’t know much about gardening but one thing I do know is that a little praise and comments to your peonies, will give you wonderful and stunning results. I know it sounds really silly but I really do talk to them. I say hi to them when I step out the front door, ask how they are today and tell them to grow into beautiful flowers for me. I touch them and squeeze the lollipop like buds to encourage them to open. I even tell Steve my postman who always walks across my small garden to watch out for them…..”don’t step on them or I will step on you!!!!”….lol…….and that goes for everyone of you postmen/mistresses out there, so take note. He thinks I am totally insane and can’t understand why I love my peonies………well this is why


This is what I am talking about, aren’t they beautiful?


A view from my French Doors…..


…ok, I need to tidy up a bit but look…..they are waiting to burst any day now, come on my beauties…..bloom for me. I will have a patio full of peonies this summer and I am so excited because the view from my french doors in my kitchen/dining room will wonderful. I will sit and knit and my patio will be full of peonies. My neighbour is eyeing them up everyday and I have a feeling that one day, she will climb over the fence and take a cutting 🙂

Holly..why are you hiding your face? You are not camera shy today are you? I Love You Too!!!! Don’t cry!!!



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