I’m Dyeing For The Third Time…..

I’ve been at my dye pot again, dyeing two skeins for my sister who said to me last night……its not the colours I had in mind!!! There is just no pleasing some people is there?….sigh…….

She wants me to knit up two Forest Canopy Shawls, one for herself and the other for her MIL. The blue one I started a few rows last night and honestly, I can’t see anything wrong with it, not saying that am an expert at the art…….. just yet (still perfecting it) but I think its rather pretty with the little specks of colour.


The other skein is shades of green. I wasn’t sure about the sections that didn’t dye very well but somehow I think its quite pretty…….what do you all think?


well…..if she don’t like them I’m going to kick her up the backside, give her the knitting needles and pattern…..and she can knit it herself lol 🙂


7 responses to “I’m Dyeing For The Third Time…..

  • daisie

    I think the blue is gorgeous, it looks like a real forget-me-not blue and the little flecks are so sweet! in my (admittedly not totally exhaustive) experience it is quite unusual isnt it to have a main colour and little flecks like that? it is almost like little beads have been scattered in it.
    You have inspired me by the way. Last night I started my first ever shawl…. 🙂

  • Wannabe

    I’m REALLY loving the green. How do I get on the “make me a forest canopy shawl” list. LOL! You are a saint!

  • Sarah

    gorgeous!!! lovely!!! yes, what wannabe said : )

  • Sarah

    Tag – you’re it! Go check out my blog’s latest posting.

    : )

  • Paula

    Hello, I came here from Plucky’s blog and I wanted to tell you that your yarn is. simply. gorgeous! I can’t imagine what she didn’t like about it. Congrats on winning with your FC shawl. I’m ready to start my first FCS and am using the Mountain Colors yarn in colorway Wild Raspberry. Hope mine turns out at least 1/2 as nice as yours!

  • CJ

    wow, I love them both, they will make great shawls. 😀 You’ve inspired me, so I must have another go with some proper dyes myself.

  • jam_mam

    You are very cheeky and I just came by to stick my tongue out at you :p so there! Are you saying my house is a lot like a flea market? … Because if you are … you could be right! VBG only teasing. Look! I exist to stash, ok. I am a sellers dream. And the blues are gorgeous, lovely, wonderful, anyone who does not like them is just plain wrong.

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