WWwwaaaahhhhhh!!! I Won…..

I NEVER win anything when I enter competitions, not even the easiest competitions. I’m just totally crap at them but few months back, Knitting As Fast As I Can the designer of the famous Forest Canopy Shawl asked knitters to send in their shawls with information on what yarn you used and size needles. I had completely forgotten I had even entered and thought nothing more of it.

Stretched Frilly Knickers (previous post) was my entry.


Never believing it would win as there are probably hundreds, thousands of Forest Canopy Shawls that knitters have knitted as their first lace project. I thought to myself..no chance honey…… Maybe I was the only entrant?? lol……I received an email from Susan to say that she has chosen mine as the winning shawl. Can you believe that? Not just a pair of  frilly knickers then 🙂

I sceamed and jumped with joy and am surprised you all didn’t hear me….boy I was pretty loud and almost knocked myself out. DH came over and asked what was wrong with me, thought I’d gone a bit mad in my old age!!! I told him I’d won a competition……..you won a prize………what, what?


isn’t she a beauty? Handspun by Susan herself. Think its destined for another Forest Canopy Shawl, don’t you think? I’m so happy I could cry!! But I confess…..I am not the owner of the shawl anymore as I gave it away as a present to a friend who is expecting a baby very soon. However a very kind CJ sent me one she made…….more on that and photos later. Its stunning too. I am so lucky to have won and to have such wonderful friends. Ta very muchy!!! Mmwwahhhhh!!!


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