Update On My Mom

Two posts in one day…..have I gone crazy?? Yup..think so 🙂

Just a quick update on my mom who fell last week. Her cast came off this morning and it appears she hasn’t fractured her wrist (scalloid??) as they thought. The swelling and the bruising has come right down and she can move her wrist, a little stiff but its fine. She only has a fractured finger which will heal in time. She cried when the cast came off and gave me a big hug 🙂

and so I want to hug and THANK everyone for all the well wishes that my mom has received, these past few days. My mom would also like to thank you all. THANK YOU.



2 responses to “Update On My Mom

  • jam_mam

    Glad Mom didn’t have a more serious njury – spookily my Mum broke her finger recently too – it is healing slowly and she had it strappedthe the adjacent ones for a few weeks, but it has been very sore. Poor Mums! Hugs to everyone’s Mum.

  • Sarah

    so glad she is on the mend!

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