Are You Sitting Comfortably?…Then I Shall Begin

This maybe a long post so grab a coffee, some cookies, sit comfortably and here we go 🙂

I know I haven’t posted in almost a week but so much has happened since then. My mom who’s in her early 60’s thinks she can run, skip and jump. Last weekend, she ran for the bus and slipped and dived forward…yes literally dived, arms in the forward position, head lowered and dived. She was a few inches from banging her head on the bus stop. She suffered two big bruises on her knees, a swollen wrist and a bruised chin and bleeding in the mouth. Poor mom and she managed to get up and walk home too.

My mom, who doesn’t like to make a fuss didn’t call to tell me about it until the following day!! When I saw her, she was a bit shaken and shocked and kept on saying..Oh those people on the bus….there were lots of them looking. Think she was embarrassed more than anything else.

Anyway I had a look at her wrist and it was very bruised and swollen so I suggested I’d take her to A&E. We waited 3 hours at A&E and x-rays showed she’d fractured  her finger and wrist!! Now can you believe she spent a night in pain and didn’t want to kick up a fuss? Oh mom…you’re a tough cookie!!! Get well soon!!


This woman is very bad influence, evil temptress 

🙂 I saw these on her blog…..


and had to have them. Doesn’t it scream Neopolitan ice cream? Can’t you just taste it just by looking at them?..creamy vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce….dribbles onto keyboard..oops but very yummy.

“Darling can you add a tub of Neopolitan ice cream onto the shopping list?” 🙂



I’d almost forgotton how to knit socks, its been such a long time and had a moment of utter confusion…how do you knit with 2 circs again?? I blanked, I had to refer to my instructions *blushes*…shhhhh keep quiet please!!

The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks…Openwork Rib using Lucia yarn. I took it with me whilst I waited in the fracture clinic with my mom for 3 hours again………I’m slowly whizzing through it and oh the joys of sock knitting lol.


Sadly DIY wins hands down. I just haven’t had the time to sit and knit recently. DH put his foot down and said we must finish off the home as its been almost 5 months since work has started. We have knocked through into a spare room to make way for a kitchen diner and work has been a very slow progress as I’d rather sit and knit than do DIY  😦

The room is south facing and we get sun all year round……(when the sun does shine) and can’t wait for it to be all finished so I can sit and knit whilst looking out of my french doors (was once a window) with the sun beaming through and admiring my rather large collection of peonies that are waiting to pop…….they are like lollipops. Roll on summer.

My “swanky” new designer radiator which I love…..don’t you? Check out those spotlights..14 of them…eeekkk hate to think of my electricity bill 😦


Our hallway which we laid yesterday with laminate flooring. You see the beading around the edging of the floor? Who did that all on her own….Yes ME. Now who said woman are crap at DIY..come on… DIY men out there……”biff, bop, wham, bam”….take that!!

DARE you men who think we women can’t do DIY. Think I done a swell job myself, although it took me a bit longer but I DID IT yay!!!


…..and I also hung the doors on our new units for the kitchen, drilled the hole for the door handle….just one, but hey…..we woman can do DIY can’t we?……yeah!!!!!!Women DIYer’s Rule OK!!…give me a screwdriver and power drill anyday!!!

and so sadly my arms and fingers ache and knitting had been neglected for now 😦 but not forgotten.


Mrs Plucky helped me order some of this luscious yarn which I can’t wait to get into my cooking pot. She also sent some yummy goodies too…spiced roasted almonds (gone within seconds) chocolate (also eaten) some flavoured coffee, lovely smelling hand cream and a very pretty cute wallet with her signature colours…….you spoil me wrotten girl…but I love ya hun!!!


….and so this ends my story of the week 🙂



5 responses to “Are You Sitting Comfortably?…Then I Shall Begin

  • Wannabe

    Oh your poor mum! I hope she feels better soon!!!

    I love all the work you have done on the house. That flooring colour is amazing! Doesn’t it feel awesome getting things done as a woman that are considered “manly” things…I am woman, hear me ROOOOAR!

    That Plucky…she is amazing. 🙂

  • CJ

    Hope your mum is feeling better now.

    Your house is looking fantastic. *feels jealous* 😉 And very nice socks you’re knitting there. I’ve cast on already with the very lovely yarn I got from you – am doing a lace scarf, but the pattern is a secret for now!!! I love knitting with it, and the colours are stunning 😀

    And oooo, what a lovely parcel.

  • Laura

    Wow what a week, the flooring looks wonderful…And more yarn goodies.

  • Hawkesley

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum’s fall. I hope the people at the bus stop helped her!! I hope she’s feeling better now?

    I love the DIY pics! I’m well impressed. 🙂 I love your new radiator and the flooring in your hall looks fab! I’m feeling jealous too 😉

    Lovely yarn too!!

  • daisie

    lovely socks! and tell your mum that I’m sure everyone on the bus just wished they had her youthful energy and verve – anyone can fall but only the bold leap!

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