The Yarn Snob Presents To You…..

…………her latest collection of specially dyed yarns!!….or Snob Yarns 🙂 all available to purchase…yup that’s right


Firstly we have two skeins of 70%Merino 30%Silk (440yrds 100gm), lovely and so silky soft. My favourite is the top skein, in delicate shades of purple, lilac and pink….very very yummy. Second skein, in summery pastel colours of aqua, pink and green. £12.00 each.


Secondly,  we have two skeins of Laceweight Yarns (100% Merino Wool)

880 yrds 100gms in semi solid colours of aqua and green. £10.00 each.

I’m falling in love with the aqua one :)…very tempting.

I can see this knitted up into a lacey wrap and Yarn Snob walking along the beach on a warm summers evening, with the wrap delicately on her shoulders, blowing softly in the summer breeze…….”wake up woman!!!!”


and finally two skeins of 100% merino wool (fingering weight) 440yrds 100gm. Top picture,  we have a mix of blues with a slight hint of green. Nex,  another one of my favourites and very tempted to add to my stash,  shades of purpley/ blues, both would make lovely socks!! £10.00 each.

All prices include shipping, Paypal accepted and everyone is welcome…..does that sound good??

Goodbye my babies and be good in your new homes……xx

All dyed with tender loving care:)

Contact me!!


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