The Day I Dyed………


What do you think of my first attempt at dyeing? Tell me it looks ok? I need you to tell me it looks fine…just fine lol 🙂

The results are very pale colours, kinda like a summery feel. Tell you the truth..I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and was very very daunting!!



My second attempt at dyeing……well, its kinda blue…in fact, very very blue!!! The colours are BRIGHT!!!! VERY BRIGHT!! I used a more concentrated dye stock, poured it directly onto the yarn and cooked it. The smell of the vinegar and the yarn was kinda like smelly socks, as Hubby put it……ok..boost my confidence honey!! Tell me I’m doing fine and its going to look great and I’m doing a swell job!!!

Well……I think it looks ok for my second attempt, don’t you? Honestly?? Tell me so!!

Think I’ll cook up some smelly socks for Hubby’s supper tonight…..dare he tell me it smells!!!  hee hee!!!



Ok….I know nothing about spinning and this’ll no doubt will get my head in a spin. I bought a Turkish Spindle and with it came some roving tops. I’ve always wondered what these wicked brightly coloured candyfloss, tooth decaying like things were. How on earth do you knit with them….what size needle….do you roll them between your fingers to create a thread??? DOH!!! I was totally baffled. So, I will try my hand at spinning sometime, no laughing at the results mind!!!!……………..and if I can’t master it, then the spindle will become a cat scratching post or something for Holly!!!


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