What’s Keeping You Up Yarn Snob?

No..I’m not waiting for Holly to come indoors, no I haven’t got a headache and no my husband’s loud snoring is not keeping me awake…..its 2.30am but this little beauty has been keeping me up:


Seven skeins of Peapod goodness and a pattern arrived on my doorstep the other day from the lovely Plucky. It’s Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and it’s the softess, squishiest yarn ever, in a scrummy Peadpod colour. I don’t like peas but this is an absolute exception.

Plucky and I are knitting this. So beautiful and has a delicate crochet picot edging….eeeeekkkk!!!!! So anybody know anything about how to do a picot edging….this way please!!!

It knits up beautifully and because of the 50% silk content in it…….the drape is stunning. You can see how it drapes so softly on the needle as you knit and I wonder if it really does need blocking. I haven’t been able to put this down since I cast on earlier this evening. Nothing is coming between me and Peapod!!!

With the pattern  so easy….could watch tv and talk to hubby at the same time 🙂 (My kinda knitting,)

Cast on knitters, get the pattern and join in..lets all start knitting!!! I’ve finished one skein and ready for the next P!!!!


………yes darling, I’ll be up soon……..just one more row…..or two or ten 🙂




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