Feeling Loved And Really Spoilt….

Today I am feeling really loved and really spoilt as my a friend from Canada~Emeraldcutie has sent me all these goodies as part of our Birthday Swap. Just look at all the yummy goodies that she kindly sent me..theres 2 skeins of Lorna Laces Vera , KP Circs, Hot Drinks Mix, Chocolates, Candies, Beautiful vase, Jasmine Tea, A Brooch and a glass ornament with Aries, my birth sign…..isn’t that so so sweet!!!  She has stalked me well and knows what I like!!! Thank You Laura.


Now THIS is very special as its a hand made sewing bag for my sock knitting and it has my name embroided on it..you see??? 🙂 But in a small tissue wrapping with the words “Something for the future” put an even bigger smile on my face as there inside were the smallest hat and socks I have laid my hands on!!! They are ADORABLE!!! I must work harder with my hubby!!! 🙂


…and finally…some Jacquard Acid Dye Set and some sock yarn…………..Oh boy…Im gonna have some fun this weekend!!!


Thank you Thank you!!!!!


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