I’ve Learnt My Lesson

Here she is, the Sea and Shell Stole I’ve been working on for weeks now.

She’s 134cm in length and 36cm in width.  I would have made it longer as I had approx 45g left of yarn but I’ll tell you more about that later.

It needs to be blocked too so I hope that blocking would make it bigger.

I used 2 skeins of Lucia yarn from Posh Yarn with 5mm needles.




Now you can’t tell from the photograph but the two skeins I used were slightly different in colour. One skein was slighty lighter, as if it had been in the sun. As a result, you could see the difference on the stole. Hand Dyed yarn can vary.

Now I hear you all screaming at me…Why didn’t you knit the two skeins together to avoid this?……..yeah I know, why didn’t I??? I ask myself that too, but being an unexperienced knitter, I didn’t think…Doh!!!

Anyhow, I contacted Dee to ask for advice. FROG it she said!!!!!! (hate that word) but she also said she could try and “Over Dye” it, something she has never done on a knitted item and so big too. That’s the reason I had to cast off early as she said the outcome of it my be uneven. I don’t care!!

I have TOTAL confidence in Dee and I know she will make a great job of it and really appreciate the responsibilty I have placed upon her, such a doll.

 Sorry darling, I won’t do it again, I promise!! Thank you Dee!!! xx

………and next time, I will knit with two skeins together 🙂


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