Little Tabby Cat Stitch Markers..Cute!!

Aw..aren’t these stitch markers cute?

You can find them on kookiebizkits where she has them for sale!!


2 responses to “Little Tabby Cat Stitch Markers..Cute!!

  • jam_mam

    Well done Elinor, remember we will be wanting to see photos :o)

  • Knitting Addict

    Yikes! I thought I was in the wrong place 🙂 Sure looks different ’round here darlin’ — but this new home is so much more of what I picture YOU to be like!!! Most awesome design job!

    I am so very sorry I missed your birthday. Happy BELATED Birthday!!!

    I have been trying to do as I was told and stay off the computer and not knit — I am driving myself MAD though.

    Hope you had a great bday! I will try to catch up soon!!!

    HUGS from NY 🙂

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