Yarn Snob And A Wonderful Friend

This morning I had to run out in my nightwear, slippers and morning hair to catch my postman who was walking away with my parcels. What would the neighbours be thinking and what a sight!!!

It was well worth the embarrassment as not only the KP order arrived but this wonderful parcel, just look

Have you ever seen anything so yummy? Kooistra….you really really spoil me.

We have handmade chocolate (not sharing), the most gorgeous yarn I have laid my eyes on, look closer, there are shiny beads and some stitch markers from Zephyr. Kooistra… you have done your homework, I’ve been pegged. You little devil!!!!

Yarn Snob And Proud Of It!!! that is so me 🙂Thank you, thank you. I am so so lucky to have someone who is also a Yarn Snob!! Maybe I should change my blog to Yarn Snob!!!!


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