Sorry Feet, Forgive Me

I’m really not sure about this colour, it’s so not me. I love orange as a fruit to eat, to smell, to peel but not to wear. I’m sure my feet won’t complain as they’re really well behaved but I really can’t see myself wearing these, but I will still finish them. Would it be right to give something away that you don’t like yourself?

Pattern :Slip Up From Posh Yarn

Needles: 2.5mm circulars

Yarn : Tickly PY Emily


5 responses to “Sorry Feet, Forgive Me

  • Amanda1

    Absolutely OK to give away something that you don’t like. The fact that someone else will appreciate it will make YOU like it simply for the joy it brings someone else. You know the whole, “well, I wouldn’t like it for me, but it looks great on you” thing…

  • Sarah

    I agree with Amanda – of course it’s alright! And, they are simply gorgeous! So very pretty.

  • Kay

    I agree, too. You’re not gifting it because it’s substandard, you’re gifting it because the colour doesn’t look right on you–perfectly acceptable!

  • Bearium

    It’s such a lovely pattern that I don’t think it’ll matter if you don’t personally like the colour. Anyone would be pleased to receive them! Orange wouldn’t be my first choice either but actually, I rather like that combination.

  • daisie

    I think thesock looks gorgeous! I had seen the pattern before but it hadnt appealed to me …. Till Now! I would love to see how the finished socks look, did you take a photo?

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