More Stash

My lovely postman Steve delivered this to me this morning…more yummy yarn from PY. Aren’t they gorgeous!!!

The sun is shining and delivery of some lovely yarn, it’s going to be a great day!!!


6 responses to “More Stash

  • Sarah

    that emily is so gorgeous….. i’m so excited


  • Sarah

    cozy – i love that pattern. i want to knit it too – we should have our own little “cozy” knit a-long….

  • Christina

    wow, you were lucky today – very nice postman indeed 😉 I like the cowl you knit your sister, and I’ve had a problem with various yarns making me sneeze/eyes water/blotches appear, so you may be allergic to one of the components – I think emily has something like angora in – that was one that I have issues with!!

  • sebskins

    thanks Christina, I think it could be the angora. It just makes my nose twitch and I can see the little fibres heading towards my nose lol but I am going to carry on despite that!!!

  • Hawkesley

    Oooh, what a lovely new supply of yarn. I love the colours you chose 🙂

  • Amanda1

    Wow, wish my postman delivered that to me! And some sunshine, too!

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