It’s A Cowl

My next finished project in a while is this. Its a cowl, inspired by Kooistra( she knows who she is!!) and is knitted for my wacky but weird sister. She doesn’t read my blog so she won’t know I’ve called her weird 🙂

Its knitted using Cherrytree Hill Sock Yarn Slate using 3.5mm dpns, a simple stocking stitch with a few purl rows here and there. She wanted something plain and a solid colour.

That’s me modelling it, but don’t wear it like that!!!


4 responses to “It’s A Cowl

  • Sarah

    you are so cute!!!! great cowl – what yarn did you use?

  • sebskins

    hahah, thanks Sarah, I used Cherrytree Hill Sock yarn in Slate colour. “Its my just out of bed hair” look 🙂

  • Knitting Addict

    Look how ADORABLE you are!!!

    Great cowl too, and so what if you call your sister weird, I call my brother much worse things — to his face even — but then again, you’re much nicer than I ::gg::

    I have never tried CTH yarn. Did you like it?

  • kookiebizkits

    hahah you look funny. but you look dodgy!

    and hail for wierdness! do not convert!!!!

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