Things You Should Know About Me Before You Invite Me Out For Lunch

1. I can’t drink fresh milk on its own from the fridge but I’m not allergic to it…..I faint.

2. I cackled and shrieked like a witch when my sister took her first stitches in knitting a year ago. I thought it was the stupidest pastime anyone could take up…… *blushes*

3. I don’t eat beef nor do I like onions…..yuk!! puk!!

4. Don’t drink tea but can’t get through the day without a cup of Jasmine tea….detox.

5. Could have had a part in a horror movie when I took Penicillin. I looked like The Elephant-Man……sorry no photo 🙂

6. Was spoilt as a child and I am daddy’s girl.. is that a good or bad thing as there’s 5 of us??

7. I’m bit of a perfectionist, everything has to be peeeerrrfffect……or it bugs me.

8. I have one ear slightly forward than the other…..does that make me weird??

9. I have green fingers, no not from dyeing but gardening. My orchids and peonies bloom every year…..they are not faux flowers, honest!! 🙂

10. Alcohol makes me go pale in the face and my right ear goes bright red… night out 🙂

I’d like to pay for lunch……anyone care to join me?? 🙂


4 responses to “Things You Should Know About Me Before You Invite Me Out For Lunch

  • Christina

    I’d better not eat too much for lunch, or else I won’t fit in my new top!!!

    Alcohol just makes me ill and I get migraines, but I’m a bit partial to a glass of red wine or two!!

    and DD spotted your pink FC shawl today when I was on here earlier and she shouted “pretty”!!! – her new word for today, as she’s never said that before. so you’ve inspired a little one with your knitting 😉 just thought you’d like to know that!!

  • Sarah

    Me, I’ll join you ; )

    Peonies are my very favorite flowers. You are not weird, you’re quirky – takes a quirky one to know one!

  • Knitting Addict

    Heck. I’ll join you too! That’s not bad stuff, it just makes you, you! Nothing is at ALL obnoxious! In fact think it’s a quite cute and endearing list 🙂

    And I must say, I am TOTALLY jealous of your “just got out of bed hair” as you mentioned in your post above! That’s just not fair! I look like I went through the wreck of the Hesperus.

    Soooo, now there are three of us, darlin’…but can you guys come to NY, pretty please? I can’t travel 😦 I am a chef though (I worked in 5 star restaurants for many years) and I will cook for you if you’ll join me here?!


  • casa

    I’ll go and eat with you, only if you let me eat in front of you a big chocolate cake with a earl grey tea!!! 😉

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