Pink Frilly Knickers….Very BIG!!

Looking more like a big pair of pink frilly knickers than a shawl at the moment, my FCS is finally finished and just needs to be blocked:)

I asked my DH politely if he would model it for me by holding it up against his bottom, he refused lol.
It measures 37″ x 18″ pre blocked and I did two less rows on the bottom edge and three extra repeats.
I rewarded myself with a big almond and cranberry cookie…ooohhh yummy, need to get my bottom big enough to fit into it hahaha


One response to “Pink Frilly Knickers….Very BIG!!

  • Knitting Addict

    Frilly knickers ::ggg:: You’re funny! I would have loved to the your DH model this 🙂

    It is stunning! And the blocked version is even more so!!! I LOVE IT!! My next item really is going to have to be something lace. I don’t know that it will be a shawl, perhaps a scarf — but I do see lace in my future!

    I love your stash too. Good thing you’re across the pond, dear friend! I would be raiding it ::gg::

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