My Lovely Dear Friend From Canada

I have to mention this lovely lady from Canada. Her name is Laura and she is sock mad….yes…she loves knitting socks just like me and she knits ever so fast!!!

We’ve done a birthday sock swap, I’ve shipped my swap over to her and I hope she was happy with the stuff. I got her some Lorna Laces Watercolour which she loves and others bits and bobs.

We are going to do a knitalong…maybe a sock pattern that we both like. I know I will need help from her, she’s brilliant.

I’m also dyeing some BFL for her and her cheeky daughter Allie, fingers cross the dye will go onto the wool and not me or the kitchen or the cat. I will have to lock her out or she will be a rainbow cat rather than a tabby!! It’ll be my first attempt at dyeing so it will be fun.


One response to “My Lovely Dear Friend From Canada

  • Laura

    OMG, now you are embarrassing me. I don’t know about the brilliant part, maybe brilliantly crazy at times. Thanks for the nice post. The blog is looking wonderful 🙂

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