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Finished, Blocked And Wrapped

Its blocked, wrapped and ready to be delivered to sisters mother in law.

Modelled by my sister as she’s crap with the camera.

Hope she likes it :)

How many ways are there to wear this?




….guess what sister said?? Don’t ask!! :(

Hey….Over Here

There’s a competition being held on my friends blog for a chance to win a skein of hand dyed sock yarn, dyed by me!!! Eeeekkk!!!

Go check out her blog Emeraldcutie leave a comment… simple is that?

Oh…and I’m not entering :( now that would be silly wouldn’t it?

Don’t you just love competitions?

The Snoring Godfather

Another post??..yes. I just have to tell you all about this.

Mr S has become a godfather (yes …not a father but a god father) to his friends little girl who came into the world a few days ago weighing in at 7lbs 13oz. We haven’t been to see her yet but mother and baby are doing well. They have named her Summer….oh how sweet.

Well….celebration was in order so both went out for a long drinking session and I mean long and heavy. Both came home quite late in the early hours of the morning, really really drunk. I was woken up at around 5am to what appears to be the sound of two donkeys  eee…ooorrring….and in unision!!!!! Both really giving it all they got. Can you imagine the noise!!!

His friend was sleeping in the living room and it sounded as if they were competeing with each other!!! EEEEE  OOORRRRR EEEEE OOORRRR…it was so loud!!! I tried to wake Mr S up but wouldn’t budge, nudged him, slapped him, pinched him, slapped him again but no….nothing would wake him. So I gave him one big push so he’d roll over….but god…he kept on rolling and rolled right out of bed onto the floor!!! Did I pick him up?? NO,  I left him but the snoring did stop…for a while….sigh!!! Woke up the next morning, still on the floor but had a big bruise on his elbow. “Did I sleep on the floor last night?” “em….yeah you did darling.”

SSShhhhhh Ok…..don’t tell him what I did!! :)

Oh No..Not Another FCS…

I’m afraid so and I SWEAR..this is going to be the last one for a long while and I do mean it. Its for my sisters mother in law, who thinks she’s getting it around christmas time but I’m going to surprise her and present it to her at work along with some chocolates…hee hee.


Not the best looking photo of it but I want to all to support those people who have started and given up on this or about to start. These ladies are: Kathy , Paula and  Daise ….have I forgotten anyone else?? Please don’t give up, give them all your support :)

Oh and one more thing, please also support my dear dear friend The Plucky Knitter and also, Hobbledehoy both are indie yarn artists, both are unique in every way with their own individual distinctive colours and styles…go check them out.

My Little Yarn Store…

… now open. I want to share my love of dyeing yarns with you and so have set up my little store.

 The Yarn Snobclick to enter

Firstly ~ and most importantly, I want to thank EVERYONE who has encouraged me, guided me and commented on how lovely my dyed yarns are. This has meant so so much to me. Without you all, I would have never embarked on this venture…..Mmmmmmwah!!!! to you all, I love you.

Secondly ~ I am currently waiting for some yarn to arrive, so if the shop seems a little “empty” at this time and during the forthcoming weeks, you know why.

Finally ~ I hope you love the yarns as much as I have loved dyeing them.

Mr S is currently helping me reskein the yarns, so tell me if he’s doing his job properly :)


Oh…..and I am shit nervous too!!!! LOL Wish Me Luck!

Which Way Do You Prefer?

Hot Out Of The Pot?



Or Reskeined?


Your views please on how you like to receive your yarns……ta very muchy!!

Mr S is making me a HUGE swift to help me reskein yarns. I think he’s getting dizzy watching me dancing around two dining chairs!!!

Little Moo Moos

moo cards

These are the cutest cards I have ever seen. They’re Little Moo cards which I had printed recently, quite small, half the size of a business card. The fun thing about it is that you can upload as many of your pics onto one side of the card and your details on the other. How fun!!!

Love This Laceweight…..

We’ve had some really miserable weather this weekend with heavy downpours. The skies opened and down came the rain. So what better to do than spend the weekend knitting and dyeing!!

I’m still knitting my BSA Rectangle Shawl and its looking really nice and I’ve also started another Forest Canopy Shawl…yeah….oh no!!!! But I swear this will be the last one for a long time……don’t want to knit anymore (plllleeeeeeassee) of these for a while. I’m using the green yarn that I dyed last month. You would think that I can knit without the pattern but my pea sized brain cannot absorb all the information as yet :)

Then I dyed one skein of Laceweight at the weekend whilst Mr Snobs had his friends round for drinks. This is my favourite of all the dyeing that I have done. I really love it.



…….but Mr S says I can’t keep dyeing all these yarns and storing them away (I can’t help it.) and taking them out to fondle every so often, wanna bet??? I think I’m gonna have to put a lock on my dyeing room door and keep him out :) or hide my stash or maybe set up an online store. What do you all think?

I Needed Some S.E.X.

I haven’t bought much yarns recently but when Hipknits was holding a sale, I couldn’t resist to have a peep. I’ve never bought from them before so didn’t know what to expect.


I wanted a bit of laceweight yarn so chose the laceweight sale. It was a great way to shop because you don’t know what colours you will be receiving…..a lucky dip sale, they choose the colours from their stock. I couldn’t have wished for anything prettier, colours of blues and peach. The yarn is 100% pure cashmere and is just so so soft. So pleased with it.

Ahem…..Now what did you think I was talking about?

Stash Enrichment eXercise……shame on you :)

Not much has been happening on the knitting front, just a few rows now and again of my BSA Shawl which is coming along nicely. More work has been done to the kitchen, wall units, under cabinet lights etc and its looking good and really excited as the progress although it has been back breaking work.

We’ve had fabulous weather the other day and so it was out with the camera and I couldnt resist but to take some snaps of the Peonies which are growing in my patio……stunning.


img_0703.jpgSarah Berndhart


img_0705.jpgRubis Plena

Have a lovely day everyone!!

Don’Cha Wish You Could Spin?

I’ve never spun wool before and I had bought a Turkish Spindle a few months back hoping that one day I would be able to spin my own yarn. I thought….yeah…that’s easy peasy, I can do that no bother. Well how wrong I was. Just look…

No matter how many times I tried to master it, standing on the table, spinning sitting down I just couldn’t do it. As the Turkish Spindle creates a centre pull ball, I just couldn’t figure out how it could form a ball. “It’s not working, wheres the ball? Why isn’t it spinning?”

Mr Snobs said…the yarn spins at the top, twists and then you wind it around the base!!! Doh!!!! He’s never spun before, so he says…….only on the dance floor!! Oh!!! I see, I get it now!!! So again I tried, no luck. The spindle has gone to a new home now and hope that person will have better luck than me.

Then this arrived this morning…..

its beautiful. I had forgotton I had ordered it but I have no spindle. So I am on the look for another spindle in hope that I can master it and have come across Spindolyn (US shipping only……uh??) She makes it look ever so easy, such a natural at it and I want to get my grubby hands on one. Anyone tried it?

It’s My Turn to Wash…..

I think we are the only married couple on the planet that squabble over whose turn it is to do the dish washing. Yeah…we really do believe it or not. We’re a weird couple :) How can anyone want to wash the dishes?? Ay?

“no its my turn, you did it last night”

“yeah but you did the cooking today so it’s my turn”

“ok I know but I’ve already got my marigold gloves (pink ones, sometimes yellow) on and started already, you can dry them up” ( thats me with the marigolds!!)

“no, i want to wash”

“no…its MY TURN”………and the squabbling goes on but in a laughable, joking way. Is this what married life does to you??? ~

As you all know we are busy with a new kitchen and I have chosen a new tap for the sink. You know when you see something you gotta have, no matter what it takes, kinda like that feeling when you see a yarn that you love and gotta have and you get so excited that you almost pee yourself and act like a little girl….yes..that kinda feeling? Well I saw this……..


…..and I HAD TO HAVE IT. Don’t you think its rather erotic? I love it!! Even more squabbling over the washing now :)


Then I saw this wall clock and had to have it too, which will go in the dining room. My mom thinks its the hideous clock she has ever seen, you can’t tell the time with that and asks me where the numbers are…didn’t they come with any so you can stick on the wall? No mom……. 

So now to the progress of the kitchen. I have had a few requests to do a post on my DIY so here it is.

I have my new cooker ready for my first baking marathon, cookies, cakes etc. We have chosen stainless steel plinths under and around all the base units and matching door handles (I did them..yes all of them) give me a screw driver, drill and hammer any day!!! :) I also hung each door onto the unit and tweaked each hinge so they shut perfectly.

img_0691.jpg img_0694.jpg

I have chosen a marine blue colour tiles for the walls. thinking a brown and blue colour scheme would go nicely with a white marble worktop. Still got the cellophane on the plinths by the way but as you can see…its coming along slowly. I’m loving the feel of stainless steel at the moment.

My old kitchen will stay the same as I’m using that for my new venture…yarn dyeing, so you can understand why I am wanting to finish the new kitchen quick :)

So if you hear any squabbling over the dishes from near and afar… know it’s us!!


I took the shawl over to her tonight. She said it was beautiful and really loved it and wrapped it round her neck. I think she does really like it :)

Made me smile and feel better!!!

She’s Not Telling The Truth…

Yes…its another Forest canopy Shawl. You are all probably thinking thats all I knit and maybe tired of seeing the same shawl on this blog!!! This is the third one I have knitted and I have another one to knit, but I have said I want to do another few projects before I start on that one. Crikey…seems all I am knitting these days!!!! :)


This one is for my sister, you’ll probably know as I have mentioned it before. The yarn is from my collection of hand painted yarns thats she comissioned me to dye for her. She saw the shawl being blocked last night so I asked her what she thought……well…er……emm……yeah, its really nice, really pretty…………..liar!!!!  B*#@*H.



Oh well… more knitted goodies for her then :) I’m sure it will make a lovely present if she doesn’t want it.

Something Funny & A Stole….

Mr Snobs and I went out for a fabulous lunch with some friends during the weekend to a really trendy funky restaurant that I never knew existed. It was hidden at the back of some houses near our home. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me so I could take pictures of the interior, or the food we had. It was delicious, as food always does when someone cooks it for you. Later we went to different pubs/bars in the area, had one drink and moved on…kinda like a pub crawl. I was sitting drinking my orange juice (honest!!!) and this lady walked by behind all her friends. I looked and admired her dress and thought thats a pretty dress with a cute hem line but wondered why it was rising up!!! As she walked passed, I noticed her dress was tucked up behind her knickers and all was revealled!!! God….How embarassing!!! She had walked through the busy restaurant full of diners and a bar full of people and she didn’t even feel a draught on her backside!!! Everyone in the bar was sniggering at her, the men found it hilarious and the woman pointed and laughed. You just can not but laugh at it can you? Its a womans nightmare!!! Did anyone run up and tell her???……NO!!!

This weekend I didn’t do any knitting, not because I am totally bored with it or anything silly like that but my wrist has been aching oh so badly and needed a little rest. So armed with a book I sat and read but back in my mind, I so wanted to pick up my needles and start knitting again. I even picked up my knitting projects and counted the stitches hundreds of times, went and oohhh and aahhh at my stash and made a list of all the yarns I want desperately need to have in my stash :) With advice of a very special person, I rested…..on strict orders!!! But, not totally….snigger!!! I blocked something.

 2.jpgSea and Shell Stole

Now why didn’t anyone tell me how difficult it is to block lace? Geeshhh!!! I struggled like a mad woman trying to get the thing straight, drafted in Mr Snobs, my sister and my mom to give me a hand and still I wasn’t happy with it. It was becoming to look like another Forest Canopy Shawl with all the pointy edges and I didn’t have any blocking wires, as that what was needed. I really should have researched on how to do this. There was a simple method to do this but me…….just jumped head first into it and it was back breaking.


I hear you all saying its easy….just pull and stretch but not when the shawl’s final measurements are 200cm x 40cm!! It took the entire length of the single bed and slightly over and is even taller than me!!!!

Thank goodness for a mattress that has stripes. Why?…..cos I followed the lines of the stripes and pinned it down accordingly!!! I cheated!! :) I struggled with it on a towel and even with my gang of helpers, couldn’t get it right!! The mattress saved the day!!! Yay!!!

One struggling incident to the next… do you take a nice picture of it?


sorry, the best I could do. So it is finally blocked to its fully glory!! The highs and lows of my Sea Shell Stole.

PS……she was wearing white knickers ;)

Chocolate Therapy & A Lot Of Patience….

….does wonders!!! I was determinded not to let that dyed yarn defeat me, so some chocolate, some patience, a pair of scissors on standby, Mr Snobs out of the way….and ALOT of encouragement from my knitting buddies , I set about untangling that mess from yesterday. I cursed the yarn all the way and it took me hours. The results?……. Tah Dah!!!!


and I won’t be doing this again, I tell you!!


Now I have to work off my fat butt from the chocolate :(


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